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Website Speed Rankings for rigor.com

Load TimeRender TimePage SizeRequestsErrors
SiteLoad TimeRender TimePage SizeRequestsErrors
1. rigor.com1.1 s931.0 ms924 KB740
2. aol.com8.2 s2.1 s26.7 MB2290
3. bing.com174.0 ms162.0 ms752 KB580
4. google.com313.0 ms314.0 ms414 KB170
5. yahoo.com2.2 s1.4 s1.44 MB1750

From the Rigor Blog:

New Feature: Evergreen Chrome Browser

Chapman Lever | 7 JUN 2018

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of Chrome 67 and evergreen Chrome browser support in Rigor’s Digital Experience Lifecycle Management platform. What exactly is evergreen browser support? Starting today, Rigor users that select Chrome for their real browser checks will be automatically upgraded to new versions of the browser as they are released...

- Team Rigor

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