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Check out the tables below to see how your site performance compares to your competitors. In the first table, you can see your site's rank in each of the categories. In the second table, bright green is the best performer and dark red is the least optimized in each category compared to the other sites on your report.

Website Speed Rankings for rigor.com

Load TimeRender TimePage SizeRequestsErrors
SiteLoad TimeRender TimePage SizeRequestsErrors
1. rigor.com0.0 ms1.4 s1020 KB690
2. aol.com7.0 s2.3 s2.68 MB2461
3. bing.com209.0 ms188.0 ms1.27 MB770
4. google.com682.0 ms334.0 ms487 KB150
5. yahoo.com3.2 s1.6 s1.56 MB1891

From the Rigor Blog:

Accurately Measure Your UX with Chrome

Billy Hoffman | 18 APR 2018

Customers are the lifeblood of your business. This is why we believe that monitoring the experience of the end user should be the top priority. To properly monitor and forecast a site’s performance and your user’s experience, you need to ensure you measure your site the way your users actually experience the site. Accurately assessing...

- Team Rigor

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